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Thursday, July 31, 2014

OCTOBER 15, 1938- AUGUST 2, 1997

HIS EMERGENCE: Born on October 15 1938 to Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome- Kuti and Funmilayo Ransome- Kuti in Abeokuta ,Ogun State.

A GRAND INNOVATOR/ CREATOR: Responsible for the inception for the most popular world beat Music genre to have emanated from the Black continent of Africa.

A CRUSADER: Stood undauntedly against political and civil crimes committed by the government in power, whether military or civilian, against the citizenry

A DIVINELY ORDAINED PROPHET: A classical Nigerian Nostradamus who foresaw and foretold what would obtain in all spheres of the Nigerian polity, be it political, social, religious, cultural and economic.in time his prophecies came to pass, to the chagrin of his detractors and in the confirmation that his birth and prophecies were truly ordained by the gods 

AN ENIGMA: maintained a larger than life personality, with so much charisma and carriage that it surpassed that of the leaders in power.
A CULTURAL AMBASSADOR: Advocated globally for the entrenchment of African culture, norms and tradition.
A DEVOUT POLITICIAN OF THE PEOPLE: out of a strong desire to lead the people aright, he created a “people inclined” political parties with no border or boundaries.

A PROTECTOR OF THE AFRICAN WOMAN: he stood for the actualisation of the proper role of the African woman in society and he need for them to uphold African traditions customs and tenets. To confirm his stand on the African woman, he married quite a number of them on the same day.

AN ART SYMBOL: He was a great lover of the African Art and Way of life and has rightly been reflected, even after death, in his various art form, whether visual or performing art. Most striking is the fact that he is celebrated, all year round, by notable and international academic institutions and art museums all over the world.

A CHARISMATIC LEADER WITH UNUSUAL STRONG FOLLOWING: His charm and persona is, up till now, very irresistible and magnetizes so many people from different walks of life, culture, places, tribes and tongue.

A GLOBAL MUSIC ICON AND CELEBRITY: in 2006, Times magazine International honoured him as one of the “World’s Greatest”. This was in consideration of him having contributed to world development in the past sixty years. This was not his first honour or award globally.

A FORCE OF THE MIND: he believed in the motivation, incitement and emancipation of the people through the use of that power within, which we can all avail if we only put our minds to it.